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Questa pagina o sezione è una documentazione interna utile ai soli operatori interni AtlasFor

A Call is a set of contacts that could decide to register one day.

Only the users can modify the Calls.


Latest contact
If needed, the date of the latest contact can be added.
Latest feedback
If needed, the date of the last feedback can be added.
A list of e-mail adresses. Currently infinite contacts can be added, but only saving them one at a time.
Call type
Every Call must have a type. For example the association type.

Call types can be created and deleted by users.

Types are:

Number Type
1 Associations, Foundations, Religious organisations, Friends of, Historical Archives
2 Pro Loco associations, Touristic Offices, Administrations and Offices dedicated to tourism
3 Protected areas, Parks
4 Museums and businesses
5 LLC, Production companies
6 Italian Alpine Club
7 Events, Theatres
8 Libraries, Art galleries, Public archives
9 Eco-museums landscape observatories etc., other satellites
10 Companies working in the tourism industry (restaurants, maritime tourism etc.)


It is possible to import more than one Call in bulk creating a CSV file organized as follows (columns with asterisk mandatory):

UID Gruppo               , ID tipologia*, Nome Call*, Note Call, E-mail contatto, nome contatto
codice-gruppo-1-esistente, 1            , Foo       , Esempio  ,   , Pino
codice-gruppo-1-esistente, 1            , Foo       , Esempio  ,   , Pina
codice-gruppo-2-esistente, 2,           , Bar,      , Test,    ,   , Gino
codice-gruppo-2-esistente, 2,           , Bar,      , Test,    ,   , Gina
codice-gruppo-3-esistente, 3,           , Bar,      , Test,    ,   , Nina

Create a six-columns file with LibreOffice Calc and save it as CSV.

Please Note: Avoid using Microsoft Office because its default CSV setups are different from the expected format.

Once the CSV file has been generated, the sysadmin can import it with its maintainer script:

./cli/import-organizations.php file.csv

Please note: Before importing the CSV file make sure that it is free of any unexpected LTR digits copied from the internet. The file can be cleaned using the cleaning script:

./cli/clean-csv.php file.csv

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