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Questa pagina o sezione è una documentazione interna utile ai soli operatori interni AtlasFor

A Group is a set of Users who work/cooperate in the same context or on some Archives.

A User can belong to more than one Group and can be chosen as the Referent for each one.

Groups are organized in trees


When a User joins a Group, their Dashboard will be focused on that Group

A User can join a specific Group of their interest and inherit some features from higher groups (e.g. Communications). Sometimes for their history Users are added directly to Higher groups.

Avogadro Institute
└── 5 A Informatics Avogadro Institute
    └── Work subgroup 1 of 5 A informatics Avogadro Institute

We recommend to add the members only to the most specific work group.


The features of a Group can be managed from three different combinable options:

When a group is collaborative, all the content created by users will be modifiable by every member of the Group by default.
When the group is exhibitionist, all the "ready" contents created by users will be visible on the map by every member of the Group by default.
Users can't modify these options.

Some uses:

  • an online Group (e.g. Institute so-and-so) is usually locked, not collaborative and not exhibitionist.
  • a class Group (e.g. 4th year) is usually exhibitionist, not collaborative and not locked.
  • a small work Group (e.g. three students) is usually exhibitionist, collaborative and not locked.


A Referent is a member of a Group who manages it. Among other things a Referent can:

  • add Users as members of the Group
  • expel a member from the Group
  • choose a member as Group Referent
  • downgrade a Referent
  • send an e-mail invitation for registering on AtlasFor and joining a Group
  • modify the Group description
  • publish Communications

Here's some actions that a Referent shouldn't do:

  • delete the Group
  • change the higher Group

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