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Questa pagina o sezione è una documentazione interna utile ai soli operatori interni AtlasFor

The AtlasFor system has a nice maintenance mode.

When enabling the maintenance mode you will see a cute splash screen that does not establish any database connection. So you can do any database maintenance or any operating system upgrade without breaking any MySQL or MariaDB transaction.

Enable maintenance mode

From the application

The maintenance mode can be enabled declaring this constant from the bottom of your load.php:

// enable AtlasFor maintenance mode
define( 'MAINTENANCE', true );

From the webserver

The maintenance mode is also enabled when the webserver declares the environment variable DATABASE_MAINTENANCE. Using Apache HTTPd this can be achieved declaring this in /etc/apache2/envvars (or any similar configuration file):

# enable AtlasFor maintenance mode

Then restart your webserver:

sudo systemctl restart apache2