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APPA (Atlas of the Heritage and Active Landscape) is a collection of POI bringing together the historical, cultural, artistic and natural heritage and the institutions or activities (commercial or not), taking care of the protection and promotion of their territory.

APPA POI. What to do?

On AtlasFor there are two kinds of Archives related to this project:

  • APPA-Region
  • APPA-Region-CALL

Keep in mind that all the materials and/or sources related to a POI will be uploaded into the APPA-Region-CALL Archive as a useful database for future AtlasFor users. The POI and its Media, once finished, must be added to the APPA-Region Archive instead.


If there are both APPA-Region and APPA-Region-CALL POIs for the same place, the APPA-Region-CALL POI must be moved and given a more generic name to avoid confusion.

Orange flags

If there also is a Orange Flag POI, it is necessary to unify them in one POI, which will have as Archives:

  • APPA-Region
  • Borghi Operosi

Also add the Tag "Orange Flags" .