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AtlasFor has an integrated Chat.


There's a direct Chat with our technical support, etc. and a Group Chat.

If you don't see the chat with your group option on your Dashboard, that's because your Referent has disabled it.


If you are logged in, notifications will pop up by navigating on any AtlasFor page, even when the Chat tab is closed. However, only when the Chat tab is open you will receive notifications when you are not browsing on AtlasFor.

At the moment, e-mail notifications for unread messages are not available.


The Chat supports a Markdown subgroup while typing messages:

What you're writing What you'll get
*Highlighted* text Highlighted text
**Very important** text Very important text
`Code`example code example


Please do not overuse this service and only use it to improve cooperation on AtlasFor.

Of course every message can be moderated by the Administrators and lead to immediately blocking your account in case of inappropriate content.

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