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This page is a translated version of the page Domande frequenti and the translation is 100% complete.

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Here's some frequently asked questions.

Where am I?

You are on the wiki (what is a wiki?) of the Landscapefor Cultural Association.

Here you can read—and improve—the instructions on the territorial tools provided by our association, first and foremost on online atlas and our magazine.

What is a "wiki"?

There are many kinds of websites (blog, social...). When the website is highly collaborative it is called a wiki.

What is "AtlasFor"?

AtlasFor is our interactive collaborative and multimedia atlas. You can browse on the AtlasFor webapp or download it here.

What is AtlasFor

How can I modify this wiki?

If you have an AtlasFor account you can log in this wiki with your AtlasFor credentials.

Log in

How can I report a bug?

Report a problem

Do you provide any technical info?

Technical information on AtlasFor

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