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POI Galleria Umberto I in Turin on AtlasFor

We can imagine the "'POI'" as an illustrated book. The story is composed of photos and videos with brief texts.

The pages of this book—Media and News—must be ordered by Chapters (Context, History, Stories, etc.) to obtain an interesting and consistent narration.


Name of the POI as it will appear on Atlas.


The POI is represented on the atlas with a different icon, one of each Category.

Balloon image

Small thumbnail image of the POI.

The image must be edited by graphics software (GIMP, Paint, PhotoShop, etc.) before being inserted. Reducing it to 90x90px with resolution 72dpi and maximum size 5 KB.

Balloon text

Short description on the preview of the POI.

Suggested length 50-100 digits spaces included. Maximum 255 digits.


Geo-localization system of the POI, clicking on an expandable map.

The map can be easily centered through the search of an address, taking care of insert the name of the Municipality on the appropriate field.


If you are looking for the coordinates input, you should know that this function is shown to advanced users

Description and links

Description of POI key aspects: fundamental historical elements, events, particular uses, etc.

Suggested length 300 digits spaces included. Maximum 600 digits.

Languages Botton

To add the description in other languages: by now possible in English, French, Chinese.

Linked POI

Insertion of potential linked POI, by digiting their name. For example POI of the same itinerary, or the same place like different buildings on the same square. The operation is facilitated by the suggestion of existing POI when you start to digit a name.

Add Tag

Insertion of some keywords to characterize the element and eventually link it to others. The operation is facilitated by the suggestion of existing Tag when you start to digit a name, but you can also create new ones.

External links

Insert the url of web pages which deepen the argument or with linked themes.

You can create an automatic link copying the URL of the website followed by a space and a title. The title will be the only visible writing from the users' side, to obtain greater clarity.

For example:

To obtain:

Further explanations on Museo Torino

You should write: Further explanations on Museo Torino


Non-expert users should maintain default values.

An ensemble of POI which refers to a specific theme. You should always choose according to affiliated groups if it is not already defined on the registration phase.

Advanced Options

Save as

elaboration still not complete, available for user or group modification.Important: draft are visible under List, NOT on Atlas.
elaboration complete, available for modification on the basis of group permission. They are visible both on List and on Atlas.

Types of visualization

Media in chapters
shows Media contents divided in Chapters' shelves (News, Presentation, Context, Places, History, Architecture, Projects, Events, Details, Stories, Extra material).
United Media
to show contents in a slideshow (not in shelves).

Group Permissions

Choice of users who can see or modify the POI that is Ready.

Personal Notes

Space for personal notes, as a reminder or to share ideas with the members of the working group.


Space reserved to the AtlasFor Staff. It is used to indicate to operators eventual corrections or insights, necessary for the publication of the POI.


In seguito i permessi utente che regolano alcune funzionalità rilevanti:

Azione Permesso Ruoli
add a private POI add_poi_private verifica
add a public POI add_poi verifica
modify all the POI edit_all_poi verifica

Maggiori informazioni nella tabella dei ruoli e permessi AtlasFor.

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