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This page is a translated version of the page Scrivania and the translation is 100% complete.

Dashboard ofnew user
Dashboard of member enabled to the Diary and member of Group
Dashboard of member enabled to the diary and referent of Group

The "Dashboard" is the first page an AtlasFor user sees after logging in. It is a page to quickly get to all the actions you are enabled to do.

What's on your Dashboard

The Dashboard of a new user is quite empty, but you can ask to be enabled to do more actions.

The actions that you'll be able to do will refer to the following four elements of AtlasFor:

The Dashboard is a very dynamic tool created to adapt to the fields for which you are enabled and speed up the actions you are enabled to do. It will change according to your work Group, if you are a member or a referent, if you have many work groups, have higher work groups or—especially— according to your role in AtlasFor.


If you see the Communications section it is because you are part of a Group. The Communications published by your Group referents will appear here, as well as the ones by the referents of all higher Groups.


This section is dedicated to the Template:Chat with the technical support and to the chat with all the members of your Group (only if you are the Group referent).

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