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On the left, the filters system.
Tag on the map (under the Archives).

AtlasFor is a web platform available for the public which proposes a sophisticated system of crossed filters. On this page, you can discover how to use them.

Left sidebar


Some visualization are ready for you on the highlights. Opening a shelf and clicking on its image you will choose that filter.


This tool modifies the visual and allows you to reach a specific place.


We pride ourselves on having an extensive organization of different themes addressed by points of interest and their multimedia files in various Archives. Try to explore different Archives, enabling some of them to discover all the thematic areas.


If the Archives are thematic filters, Categories are functional ones. Here you can choose if you would like to see only parks, museums, or both, etc.


Depending on the visualization, you will see all the Tag present on the points of interest and multimedia files of that area.

Clicking on a Tag you will see only the material related to that Tag.

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