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In 1945 a moth caused a malfunction to the Marc II computer. Once removed, the Marc went back to working. This was the first ever computer bug, as recalled by lieutenant Grace Hopper.

How to report a bug of the AtlasFor platform.

What is a bug

A bug is an unintentional malfunctioning on an already existing function.

If you have an idea for a new function, that's not a bug, but you can submit it to the Landscapefor association. Thank you for your contribution!

How to report a bug

You are about to become an AtlasFor bug reporter. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Repeat

The best way to report a problem is describing the unusual situation that you found and help repeating that situation as quickly as possible again. Example:

I saw a blank page today
Today I clicked on this Facebook post that brought me here: https://atlas.landscapefor.eu/#test=toast. I usually see the map here, but I found a blank page instead. It happens both on desktop and mobile devices. It doesn't happen if I land here from other pages.

Step 2. Isolate

Did you know that AtlasFor has at least 40K lines of source code? Once you manage to repeat the bug, we need you help to isolate it:

  • try a completely different network (Wi-Fi / Mobile data)
  • try emptying the cache (click here: atlas:test-incognito.php)
  • try removing any Macro from the URL
  • try reducing the number of steps/click needed to repeat the issue
  • try another browser (Chrome or Chromium or Mozilla Firefox)
  • try after updating the browser (visit https://updatemybrowser.org/)
  • try at least another device (desktop VS mobile)
  • (only on desktop) click F12 and look for any red lines

These tests aim at helping another user to quickly repeat the bug. Quickly but accurately write down the results. For example:

I opened AtlasFor, clicked on a POI, then on a title, then on the "Contacts" button on the side menu, ending up on "page not found"
Atlas doesn't work on my iPhone 7
Visiting https://atlas.landscapefor.eu/ from desktop and clicking on "Contacts" on the side menu I see "page not found". This happens with every desktop browser but non on mobile devices.
Visiting https://atlas.landscapefor.eu/#test=toast on Safari on my iPhone 7 I see a blank page. This doesn't happen on any other browser or device. A friend of mine with the same phone has the same problem.

Step 3. Send the report

Forward your report to:

  • info at landscapefor.eu

Once sent your report will be copied here to help you track its progress:

Step 4. Enrich

With various services like https://www.browserstack.com/ you can test your problem on many other devices for free, enriching your report.

You'll always be able to add some information to you report to shorten the fixing time.

Thanks again for your contribution!